“A picture says a thousand words“ ...

... And that’s never more true than in the world of business marketing!

When you look at an advert, pick up a sales brochure or visit a web site, it’s the image or images that first catch your eye. And only then, if those pictures look interesting, do you go on to read the text and look more closely at that company’s products or services.

Therefore, having the right images to promote your business is crucial to your marketing success. Watch the short video above and visit our Portfolio and Services section to see how our professional photography and digital imaging services have given our clients the edge in their sales and marketing.

And then Contact Us for an informal discussion on how we can create the right image for your business promotion.


Thank you for visiting the web site. The Imaging Company specialises in providing commercial, editorial and PR photography, digital imaging and audio video services, all of which are designed to help businesses of every size, promote their own products and services.

With more than 25 years experience in this specialist and demanding field, we combine the best of traditional photographic techniques with modern digital imaging facilities, to create powerful images that will interpret your business’ unique promotional message, for maximum impact and sales.


Peter Phelan


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